Haunted Case File: Hill House Manor │ Preview of Episode 55 │ Premieres 2/11/14

Haunted Case File: Hill House Manor │ Preview of Episode 55 │Premieres 2/11/14

YouTube Link: Available after 2/11/14 7PM CST upload

Basic Information
  • Date of Investigation: 1/31/14-2/1/14
  • Crew: Alejandro Dominguez, Dead Explorer & Franklin Cadwallader, Panic Attack Videos
  • Case Type: Residential home (now empty).
  • How did I find out about the case? I was invited by Franklin, who I met though YouTube.
  • Case background: The owners of the Hill House Manor bought this home as a rental triplex. They shortly found out the residents thought the home was haunted. A psychic states that a murder took place in one of the units. That location is now called the murder room. The owners prohibit any investigator from going into the murder room alone. The owners also have an interesting photo of what appears to be a fully body apparition of a ghost boy upstairs. It’s hard to know if the photo is real or not since it was taken by another group (which reinforces the question, if you catch a picture of a full body apparition, will people just assume it’s fake?). The psychic also believes the mirror in another upstairs bedroom is a portal to the dark side. Last, this location was featured on My Ghost Story on A&E. Supposedly a spirit physically shoved someone in the home.

  • Gear: Canon XA-10, SWANN DVR System, Sony Digital Recorder, and a Static Electricity Reader. This is the first time I’ve seen the static electricity device. Franklin found it on Ebay. It lights up red or blue if static electricity passes the unit. In theory, you could use the colors to ask for yes or no responses. There are definitely some false readings if you move near it, but some of the readings had no explanation.
  • Software: Sony Vegas 12 (Video Editor)

Physical Location
  • Location: Dallas Area, TX USA 
  • Map: N/A Owner keeps actual physical address confidential until you book the site.

Final Verdict
  • Investigator Friendly? Yes, the owners of this location embrace their paranormal activity and love to have groups. Location is very easy to investigate and the owners have WIFI internet. However, there is a location fee. We paid $150 for a Friday evening. Prices are lower on weekdays. Owner’s rates are subject to change.
  • Evidence caught? Updated after 2/11/14 7PM CST upload.
  • Haunted or Not? Updated after 2/11/14 7PM CST upload.
  • Recommended? Updated after 2/11/14 7PM CST upload.

Additional Information

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